New Dining Room

We are very pleased to announce that our new dining room is finished and even though we are a little bias, we think it looks great! Our residents will be using the dining room for the first time at lunch today and it wont be long till the other two lounges adjacent will be complete either

The extension of the dining room is part of a larger extension to the entire home. We are adding 20 new en suite rooms, taking the home to 45 bedrooms. As part of this work, we have already installed a new state of the art laundry, fire alarm system and nurse call system. We have just finished work on a new bathroom with luxury assisted bathing system. Our car park has also been extended and all our gardens landscaped and paved with level access throughout the home. All our new rooms will be completed by mid November, and we are now taking names for them, some of which can be chosen of plan and customised with your choice of colour scheme. Availability is limited so call soon for a look around

prb-dining-room-19 prb-dining-room-20prb-dining-room-21