Resident’s Meeting

Last week we held a residents meeting at Primrose Bank

The Meeting was attended by 19 residents and 8 members of staff

Start time: 2.00pm

As it was a beautiful afternoon the meeting was held outside in the sunshine

The topics which were discussed at the meeting are as follows:

The first topic raised by Jackie at the residents meeting was the food menu, as it will be changing from summer to the autumn/winter menu, the residents were asked if they had any preferences or ideas for the new menu, no-one could think of any ideas at the present time so they were asked to have a think and get back to either Jackie or Jenny with their suggestions.

Next we moved on to discuss entertainment, and we asked those present for their feedback. Residents were asked if they enjoyed the recent entertainment at Primrose Bank, on Monday Helen Jayne preformed and residents commented on how much they enjoyed her. Joan, Elsie and Muriel commented on how much they enjoyed the entertainers coming to perform.
Residents were also asked if they had any favourite games or activities which they would like to play after lunch. Peggy suggested how she would like more knitting and scrabble, which Elsie B commented on how she would also like to play scrabble. Connie said she liked playing dominoes. Residents also enjoy Pilates class, which Lillian said she enjoys thoroughly.

The next topic for discussion was Christmas, residents were asked if there was anything special they would like to do at Christmas, no one could think of anything. Residents were informed that the Christmas party had been planned, for 12th Dec, entertainment has been booked for the Christmas period with special visits from the cubs, the salvation army and local schools. Jackie asked residents to think about it and if they have any special requests or suggestions to let her know.

The meeting ended with a sing – a- long from Les and Muriel and a few other residents, which was enjoyed by everyone in the sunshine.

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